4 Health Benefits of Grapefruit


Grapefruits were originally cultivated in the 18th century. Today, many varieties are available; some of the more popular varieties are grown in Texas and Florida and only available late fall through early summer. Varieties include Ruby Red, Star Ruby, and Pink, among others.

Grapefruit is one of a few fruits encouraged on the Kaufmann, because it is rich in nutrients and low in sugar, as far fruits go. It’s taste ranges from very tangy and slightly sweet to bitter, depending on the variety. They can be eaten sliced out of their skin or juiced; if you juice them, you do lose some of the fiber content. Grapefruit also works as a great addition to many salads.

While we know that eating grapefruit is good for us, many are unaware of just how beneficial grapefruit is for a variety of health issues. While people on certain medicines should not eat grapefruit, there are plenty of reasons you should enjoy grapefruit regularly on Kaufmann 1 of the Kaufmann Diet.

While the benefits of grapefruit of grapefruit are not relegated to those below

Grapefruit can help you lose weight.

Grapefruit is a relatively low calorie food that has shown some benefits in assisting people lose weight. Studies have shown that consumption of grapefruit assisted people in losing weight vs. a placebo.

It’s high fiber and water content combined with its low glycemic index rating make it a useful food for sating cravings and preventing appetite.Try incorporating a grapefruit into your morning routine, whether as a healthy breakfast or by juicing it.

Grapefruit has cardiovascular benefits.

Grapefruit’s unique combination of nutrients might have some benefit for the cardiovascular system. It can be beneficial for blood pressure levels and may help prevent against stroke. It’s high potassium content acts a vasodilator. Grapefruit has also shown benefit for lowering triglycerides and bad cholesterol.


Grapefruit may help prevent cancer.

As a rich source of antioxidants, including lycopene and Vitamin C, grapefruit may provide some assistance in cancer preventionLycopene has been shown to prevent prostate cancer in men. Grapefruit may provide benefit in protection against esophageal cancer. 

Grapefruit is a good source of fiber.

To this end, grapefruit can help maintain regularity and prevent constipation, a critical part of digestive and overall health. A high fiber content also assists in grapefruit’s appetite surprising capabilities. Remember that grapefruit juice has less fiber than whole grapefruit, even if it is freshly squeezed. Always opt for fresh over bottled when possible, and avoid grapefruit juice with added sugar.

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