Ep 47 – The A-List Diet Doctor’s Tips For Anti-Aging


May 3rd, 2017

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Doug Kaufmann

Fred Pescatore, MD

1:55 – Americans tend to wait until we’re sick to care about our health
3:00 – A big mistake in anti-aging medicine
3:50 – Why “diet” isn’t a bad word
4:45 – Why another diet book?
6:00 – How to make a high protein/low carb diet work better
6:30 – How to positively affect your DNA
7:00 – Why we need more amino acids
9:00Dr Pescatore’s “Desert Island” list of must-have supplements
10:15 – The importance of minding your mitochondria
13:30 – “Do you ever cheat on your diet?”
14:15 – Sugar kills
16:30 – What sugar and cocaine have in common
17:50 – 45 minutes to 7% body fat; How Dr Pescatore got in the best shape of his life
20:30 – “Getting you 5 years younger in a month or two”
21:45 – Today’s small shirts were “Large” in the 1950’s; lessons from the vintage clothing store
22:40 – Skinny-shaming
23:00 – 3 Absolute, must-have supplements
21:15 – Supplements work over the long haul; so take them if you’re in it for the long haul

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