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Is Exercise Part of an Anti-Fungal Plan?

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Diet and supplements are extremely useful; maximize their effect with exercise.

We all know that exercise is an important part of health, even beyond its use for sculpting a desirable figure. Exercise helps maintain your musculoskeletal system, your cardiovascular system, can improve your mood and sense of wellbeing and bolster immunity. Exercise has benefits against diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. Simply put, exercise is an important part of healthy living. 

There are perhaps other benefits afforded by regular exercise when it comes to the Kaufmann Diet and Kaufmann Lifestyle which make it an important part of these programs. 

When you exercise to the point that you must breathe heavily, you are flooding your body with oxygen. Pathogenic fungi and yeasts, however, hate oxygen––fungi and yeasts largely thrive in anaerobic environments, which are environments with very little oxygen. When you exercise, you are assisting in making your body less hospitable to yeasts and fungi. 

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Exercise and perspiration are, of course, very beneficial for detoxication, as well. As your blood moves and oxygen floods your body, your cells give up more waste, aiding in detoxifying the body, and as sweat is secreted out of the body through the skin, wastes and toxins are carried out, as well. (This is one reason why showering following a heavy workout with a good idea.)

The crux of the Kaufmann Diet is starving fungi and yeasts by eliminating their preferred food sources––sugar and carbohydrates. Anti-fungal supplements work by actively killing these organisms. Exercise constitutes the third punch, making your body an inhospitable terrain for yeasts and fungi that may be making you sick. These three strategies––diet, supplementation and exercise––work synergistically not just to promote health, but to eliminate parasitic organisms that may be causing symptoms and illness. 

If you are new to exercising, you should always start by consulting your physician. Likely, he or she will encourage a sensible exercise regimen. For starters, simply walking for 30 minutes daily or a few times a week can become an excellent introduction into the world of exercise. 

As you progress, activities such as jogging, weight lifting, biking or high-intensity interval training can confer a greater number of health benefits. Start slow and take note of your progress. Similar to how you likely began feeling much better after a period of time on the Kaufmann Diet, you will likely begin to feel much better following an exercise regimen.  

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