Ep 41 – Should We Question Vaccines?

March 8th, 2017

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Doug Kaufmann
Dr Roby Mitchell
Dr John Trowbridge

:55 – The polio vaccine, and doctor’s perceptions of vaccine effectiveness.
1:22 – The book, Critical Vaccine Studies offers an alternative perspective.
2:00 – “No vaccine lectures ever given in medical school”.
2:45 – Shocked to finally read the paperwork provided with the flu vaccine…”doesn’t prevent influenza”??
4:00 – The actual problem with viruses.
7:00 – Why this doctor stopped giving flu shots in his clinic.
8:50 – Is the problem the virus, or that our bodies have no ability to fight off the virus?
9:00 – How antibiotic resistance mirrors Jurassic Park.
10:10 – Doctors used to have great caution before using antibiotics…what changed?
11:30 – Are 70% of the antibiotics used in America found in the food you eat?
12:30 – Vitamin A and Vitamin D vs Viruses
14:35 – Why computers and the Internet caused us to lose valuable disease treatment information.
15:15 – 3 things your pediatrician doesn’t know.
16:15 – DISCLAIMER – This is not medical advice, just a conversation. Always check with your doctor or licensed healthcare practitioner for medical advice.

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