Ep 40 – Secrets of Doctors That Escaped Conventional Medicine

March 1st, 2017

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Doug Kaufmann
Dr. John Trowbridge
Dr. Roby Mitchell

Two medical doctors discuss why they left conventional medicine, and why their patients thrive.

2:35 – Sir William Osler quote; a simple reason why doctors can miss the obvious.
3:38 – How a weird mistake caused Dr Trowbridge to question the conventional medicine model.
5:00 – Living to 115 with natural health vs damaging patients with pharmaceutical medicine.
6:00 – Dr Mitchell learns Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, and is astonished at how well it worked. Begins questioning everything he learned in med school.
7:25 – Observing simple minerals solve cardiovascular issues in the lab, but neglecting to use them with their patients.
9:10 – A simple technique doctors omit that will prevent them from Knowing the Cause of your illness.
11:55 – Why conventional physicians will keep treating patients the same way, even when they see conventional therapies fail.
12:45 – Eczema resolved with hydrochloric acid and black seed oil – Case Study
14:00 – Why the general public never hears of the most powerful natural medicine innovations.
15:10 – Don’t call cancer and heart disease “diseases”; call them “consequences”.

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