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Why Organic Beef Is Best And Grass Fed is Better

grass fed beef
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Organic beef is better than conventional beef. Grass-fed is superior to both. Learn about differences and why grass-fed wins every time.

A trip to the butcher can be a mouth-watering enterprise on The Kaufmann Diet, because you are encouraged to eat foods like beef while you are on the diet. Beef is an excellent choice for an anti-fungal diet, because it is high in protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals and essentially void of sugars and carbohydrates, which are fungi’s food of choice. If you are trying to starve internal yeasts or fungi, beef is a good food to include in your diet. 

But which beef is the best to buy? Today, the choices we have when it comes to the beef we buy are not so simple. 

First, there is conventional beef. The word “conventional” is an odd designation, because it implies that conventional beef is raised in a way that is normal and natural, but this could not be further from the truth. Conventional beef comes from cattle farmed in feed lots, where animals are raised in dirty conditions, close quarters without freedom to exercise, and fed an unnatural diet. Plus, these animals are often given growth hormones and antibiotics. There is much evidence that these conventional practices are as bad for the environment as they are for the health of these animals. While conventional beef is still OK on The Kaufmann Diet, there are some issues with these foods. 

Second, there is organic beef. Organic beef is raised by much stricter standards than conventional beef. Importantly, organic beef is never given hormones or antibiotics, which is important for those on The Kaufmann Diet, because when animals are fed hormones and antibiotics, there is some evidence that these products get passed on to us through the foods that we eat. Antibiotics are of course fungal poisons, and hormones can exacerbate underlying fungal problems––these are both things you want to avoid while on the diet. When you are on The Kaufmann Diet, organic beef is superior to conventional beef when it is available and within your budget. 

Finally, there is grass-fed beef. Grass-fed cows are fed a natural diet of, you guessed it, grass. Cows are ruminants, which means that their stomach is designed specifically to digest grass. Beef from cows left in the pasture to consume a diet exclusively of grass often has more nutrients and a much higher content of omega 3 fatty acids compared to both conventional and organic beef. One complaint with organic beef is that these cows are still fed a diet of corn, which is both unnatural to the cows and facilitates beef with a lower nutritional profile and less beneficial fat profile; plus, corn has the potential of being contaminated with fungal poisons known as mycotoxins, and subsequently contaminating the beef. Grass-fed cattle farming is also beneficial for the environment. 

Be sure to look for beef that is both grass-fed and grass-finished, meaning the cows are never fattened in the final months on a diet rich in corn and other grains. 

While it is ok to consume conventional beef while on The Kaufmann Diet, organic is superior. And, given the choice between organic and grass-fed, grass-fed always wins when you are on The Kaufmann Diet. 

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