Why Mitigating Stress Is Important


We know stress can be harmful. Here is one reason why.

We all know that stress is a killer; this is something that even your mainstream medical practitioner will tell you.

There is a legion of reasons why a high-stress lifestyle is thought to contribute to poor lifestyle. Regularly elevated levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, are thought to have a damaging effect on the body. Stress is also thought to play a role in certain cardiovascular risk factors, like blood pressure.

But there is one element that is likely overlooked when it comes to the role stress can play in killing good health.

There has been a much research in recent years into the mind-body connection to health. Traditionally, the brain and the body were thought of as essentially two different spheres, not necessarily as having a profound influence on one another.

We know this now to be false. Researchers such as Dr. Candace Pert, author of the book, The Molecules of Emotion, have proven that what goes on in our mind can have a profound influence on our physical health. 

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One of the interesting connections that we know exists is the connection between our thoughts and the health of our gut. 

Many people have likely experienced that tightening, turning, or sickening feeling in their stomach when experience highly stressful situations. It is known, too, that anxious people are more likely to have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or Crohn’s disease. So, we know that the stress we experience can influence the health of our gut. Prolonged periods of high stress are thought, too, to negatively influence the terrain of the gut. 

We should couple this with the fact that we know the gut can constitute a point of entry for pathogenic yeasts and fungi. Especially when the terrain of the gut is damaged, opportunistic pathogenic yeasts and fungi––often introduced via our diet––can take root. From there, they can proliferate and flourish throughout the body. 

Yeasts and fungi, of course, have been linked to a wide array of health problems. 

This certainly becomes an important reason to eliminate stress from our lives as much as possible and take positive steps towards mitigating the stressors we have no control over. Mitigating stress becomes an important part of our anti-fungal protocol.

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