The Kaufmann Diet is working…but I’m losing too much weight!


In working with thousands of doctor’s patients, I’ve dealt with this problem for 40 years. Yes, the pain has diminished when following this diet. That is great, but now a new problem has arisen and it may cost you hundreds of dollars for new clothing! The 36-inch waist is now a 32-inch waist and what’s worse is that your friends are beginning to talk behind your back. “He’s too thin!” Where was that talk 7 years ago?

Weight is a complicated issue because there are so many unknowns in the mix. Only recently, scientists have admitted that antibiotics cause weight gain and who hasn’t taken antibiotics? We now know that fats being villainized for decades by scientists was not the problem. The same ill logic that frightened us away from eggs also frightened us away from fat. How simple life would be if fat made us fat!

As you likely know, I believe that most of us suffer from systemic fungal issues, like lowered immunity, chronic sinus problems, high cholesterol or even diabetes and/or cancer! Yes, each of these has more to do with fungal germs that doctors may currently know. Did you know that statin drugs kill fungus?

Kaufmann Diet Guide

Once fungus is living in us, it must have carbohydrates like grains, potatoes, and sugars in order to thrive. Unbeknownst to scientists, in human-fungal cell relationships, fungi become the dominant partners and can begin making you crave the very sugars that they require for growth!
Does sugar make you fat? To the extent that it feeds fungus, yes! Now that you have been avoiding grains and other sugars in your diet, the weight may be falling off of you.

If you fear that you’re now losing too much weight, modify the diet a bit by increasing some of the healthy carbohydrates like beans or brown rice. Within a few weeks, you may find that your weight is right where it needed to be! Keep in mind, that if the fungus problem still exists, you will find yourself craving more beans and brown rice and the weight is really increasing. Moderation is the keep to weight stabilization while following the Kaufmann Diets!

Eat to be well!

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