Why I defend Prevagen and Quincy BioScience



So many of you have called our office to defend the brain supplement Prevagen, after learning the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the NY Attorney General’s filed a suit against Quincy BioScience, Inc., (the makers of Prevagen) alleging that Prevagen doesn’t work. First, on behalf of my friends at Prevagen, I know that they would want me to wish you a hearty THANK YOU! Second, you and I know better!

Several years ago, a local pastor friend walked right by me without saying “hello” to me. Later, his wife told me that he had memory problems. The next day I visited with her, and handed her a bottle of Prevagen, and I asked her to start giving it to him. I saw him a few weeks later, and he stopped me in the hall and shook my hand. He said, “Doug, it’s good to see you!”. I’ve gotten used to this amazing recall from people that I’ve recommended Prevagen to. Many have tried most everything to no avail. Most felt relegated to a life of forgetfulness….until they began taking Prevagen.

I want you to know that several years ago, when we introduced you to Prevagen, I fully vetted the company and the principles in the company. I carefully read the scientific literature as it related to this breakthrough supplement. To question this valid science is reckless, but to deny you from taking this supplement, much worse.

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My trust in Prevagen remains strong because of what I have seen and read. I know this company well, and I can assure you they will do everything in their power to counter the claim against them as nothing more than a political attack. I fully expect them to prevail, and to continue providing us with this life-changing supplement.

One of you asked if Prevagen’s formula had changed? I’ve also researched that, and indeed it has for the better. Each Prevagen capsule/tablet now contains a form of Vitamin D called “cholecalciferol,” that helps your body keep the right amount of calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth.

I just read this online:

“We vehemently disagree with these allegations made by only two FTC commissioners. This case is another example of government overreach and regulators extinguishing innovation by imposing arbitrary new rules on small businesses like ours. Quincy Bioscience will vigorously defend ourselves,” the statement read. “The Americans who rely on Prevagen to improve their lives deserve nothing less.”

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