Where And When I Die

Where and When I die

27-year-old New York City mom dies after going into hospital to have cyst removed stated on abcnews.go.com article.

 A young New York City mother died at a local hospital after going in for what was meant to be a simple procedure, according to her family and their attorney.

Rosemary Abreu, 27, went to Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, to have a cyst in her left thigh removed on Sept. 21, her attorney, Sanford Rubenstein told ABC News on Saturday.

However, the procedure at some point went awry, and Abreu went into cardiac arrest, according to Rubenstein, who noted that he believes she went into cardiac arrest on the operating table.  Abreu was pronounced dead the next day.

This is one of many reports. A Stanford University study indicated at about 60% of us die in hospitals, 20% in nursing homes, and 20% at home, although 80% of us would prefer dying at home. Given that very sick people go to hospitals, this statistic isn’t surprising. 

There are no guarantees in life, but I’m all for living a full and satisfying life, and in knowing that we’re all going home one day. Where that end occurs is less concerning to me than where I’m going afterwards. THAT should be the focus of our lives.    

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