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5 Kitchen Gadgets You Need

Kitchen Gadgets
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Spending more time in the kitchen? Here are 5 gadgets you shouldn’t be without. 

Without a doubt, when you begin the Kaufmann Diet, you will definitely be spending more time in the kitchen and having these handy kitchen gadgets will make your life easier and safer. This is really the only way for you to ensure that you are sticking closely to the diet and that your food is comprised of high quality ingredients without unhealthy additives like sugar snuck into them. 

While it is not impossible to go to a restaurant and get a completely Kaufmann One or Kaufmann Two-approved meal, in the beginning stages, it is often best to stick to preparing your own food. It is often difficult to know where restaurants source their ingredients and what exactly they use in all of their recipes. As you progress on the diet, it is easier to eat at a restaurant and stick to the principles of the diet without derailing your progress. 

Since you are spending more time in the kitchen, however, it is best to maximize your time and efforts to promote your health via your diet. To that, end there are a few kitchen utensils that will make your time more enjoyable and make preparing fresh, healthy fare easy. 

Iron Skillet

A good iron skillet (or two, or three) might be among the most useful and affordable kitchen utensils you can buy. When they are seasoned well, they cook nearly as well as any non-stick pan you can buy. However, cast iron skillets only leach a little bit of iron––an important nutrient in our diets––into any food they are used to cook instead of the dangerous PFAS that non-stick cookware is known to leach into our food after lots of use. Iron skillets will last forever if properly cared for, but make sure they stay dry (iron will rust) and do not clean with soap (which can ruin the seasoning); simply scrub with a little added salt and warm water. 

A High Quality Blender

Blenders are not uncommon, but they can be very useful while on The Kaufmann Diet. Smoothies made with fresh avocado, berries, spinach and protein powder make a great, healthy breakfast, and blenders are great for making homemade soups, sauce and salsas. A high quality blender like a Vitamix or a Ninja Blender constitutes an investment up front, but in the long run they are useful tools for making healthy fare and more than pay dividends. This is a must have for your kitchen gadgets.


On the Kaufmann Diet, you are generally sticking to filtered water, and plenty of it. Most other beverages are eliminated from the diet, at least initially. However, juicing fresh vegetables like carrots, cucumber, celery, kale and parsley along with spices like ginger, garlic and turmeric is encouraged, because juicing concentrates many of the nutrients therein, including the potently anti-fungal nutrients these foods are known to have. Of course, it is not recommended to juice fruits that are non the diet, such as oranges or melons, but fresh vegetable juice (or perhaps grapefruit juice) is a healthy, Kaufmann Diet-approved addition to your regimen. 

Garlic Press

Garlic has been shown to have a myriad of health-promoting properties, and it is something you should consider using generously in your cooking. Garlic is highly anti-fungal too, which is more reason to use it regularly. A garlic press is a simple, affordable way to mince garlic quickly, making it easy to add to just about anything you are cooking. 

Spice Grinder

Spices are how we impart delicious flavor to our food. They are known for their legion of health benefits and constitute a low calorie way to make food taste great. Instead of just using salt and pepper, try to incorporate spices into your diet regularly. That said, spices are usually cheaper and fresher when bought in bulk and ground yourself, so try finding a spice grinder. You will enjoy the freshest flavor of the spice and likely reap the most benefit from them versus buying them pre-ground and pre-packaged.  

Speaking of spices, once you attain these very necessary kitchen gadgets, here is a great article on 5 Antifungal Spices you should always use.

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