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What To Try For Stomach Problems

Stomach Problems
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Many people in America suffer from stomach problems, which can range from the mild and annoying to the very serious. Problems like heartburn and mild irritable bowel syndrome plague many Americans, enough so that you can find stomach medicines at any convenience store. 

No doubt, the diet many people eat must play some role in the occurrence of these symptoms, and we know that most people do not eat a particularly healthy diet. And while everyone can sometimes get an upset stomach or experience heartburn after a particularly heavy meal, for many people, these problems are persistent. Long term, they can develop into more severe issues. 

For people who are plagued by frequent heartburn, or irritable bowel symptoms, or symptoms of GERD, what if there is something that is being overlooked as an underlying cause? 

By now, everyone is familiar with the fact that we all have beneficial bacteria throughout our digestive system that assist in digestion, among a variety of other tasks. When these healthy bacterial colonies are damaged, a few things can happen, including the overgrowth of yeasts in the gut. These cultures can be damaged in a variety of ways, including through poor diet or by taking antibiotics. This can be a problem that precedes many health issues, but if you are suffering from stomach problems, it is worth considering that yeasts might be the root cause. 

If you experience frequent stomach problems, there are a few steps you can take to determine whether yeast overgrowth is the cause behind your issue:

– Begin an anti-fungal diet like The Kaufmann Diet that restricts sugar and starch consumption. This will work to starve internal yeasts that rely on sugar from your diet to thrive. It will also mitigate the risk that fungal poisons inherent in parts of our food supply pose. 

– Take a powerful, natural anti-fungal supplement, such oil of oregano, caprylic acid, or olive leaf extract. This will also help to eliminate yeasts inside the gut. When you finish one, rotate to a different anti-fungal. 

– Supplement with psyllium hulls. This non-soluble fiber will help “sweep” out the gut of dead and dying yeasts and their poisons. 

– Begin a probiotic supplement regimen to restore the beneficial bacteria in the gut. This will not only support gut health and overall health, it will prevent the return of more virulent organisms to the gut. It might be a good idea to take a loading dose to begin, and then taper off to a supplemental dose. 

If after a few weeks on the program you feel much better and your stomach symptoms have subsided, it might be an indication that yeasts were the culprit behind your gut symptoms, and that you are on the fast track to healing.

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