4 Random Benefits of Resveratrol


Note: Check with your doctor before starting any supplement regimen.

1). It’s Antifungal

In fact, resveratrol is created in response to a plant being exposed to mold, fungi, and rusts. This type of plant protective is called a “phytoalexin”, which is a poison to the infectious agent, but not harmful to the plant. It’s one of nature’s most helpful anti-fungal nutritives.

2). It Triggers Actions Associated With Longevity

Sirtuins are proteins that are activated when we fast but are inhibited when we feed. There’s a possible link between sirtuin activation and longevity, and resveratrol activates them!

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3). It Promotes Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria are hot right now. They’re the powerhouses of your cells that create energy. They also have a role in preventing cancer. Resveratrol seems to be one of many nutrients that help optimize the function of mitochondria.

4). It Can Enhance Insulin Sensitivity

If your blood sugar is awry, your body’s sensitivity to insulin may be impaired. Resveratrol may help increase your cells’ sensitivity to insulin, even at low doses.

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