Do You Think?


Pause for a moment after reading each of these real medical headlines and say “DUH” out loud. Welcome to my world! Doug

1. ‘Low-T’ Testosterone Ads Leading to Increase in Prescriptions, Experts Warn-

2. Probiotics Could Help Protect Against Antibiotic-Related Diarrhea: Study

3. Statin Use Tied to Strains and Sprains

4. FDA Gives Avandia Another Look

5. Healthy Living Pays Dividends

6. Hospitals have work to do on getting patients the correct medicines

7. Long-Term Benefit of Bariatric Surgery Questioned

8. High Doses of Tamiflu No Help in Severe Flu

9. Common Toxicities of Chemotherapy

10. Group of strong antibiotics linked to kidney injury


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