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Top 5 Food Myths

Top 5 Food Myths
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On a long enough timeline, conventional wisdom does not always wind up prevailing; often, it seems that it is inevitably proven wrong. Certainly, this seems to be the case as far as dietary advice is concerned. We have seen dietary trends come and go, and it seems like advice is constantly changing. That said, there are some food myths that keep getting perpetuated. When looked at from the perspective of The Kaufmann Diet, these myths need to be put to rest.

Grains Are Good For You.

Whether it is bread, or pasta, or cereals, grains are generally encouraged by nutritionists, largely because of their fiber content. As long as they are whole grains, of course. It is true that fiber is an important nutrient, but one need not load up on grain foods in order to obtain it; fiber is in vegetables, fruits like avocados, and even nuts. Grains, however, are known to be contaminated with fungal poisons, called mycotoxins. And in spite of their fiber content, they are packed with carbohydrates, which convert to sugar, which can ultimately feed a fungal infection. 

Fat Makes You Fat.

Carbohydrates are likely far more responsible for most unwanted weight that people carry than fats like olive oil, coconut oil, walnuts, avocados, and even a ribeye steak. Carbohydrates easily convert to fat, especially when you are consuming way too much in the form of sugar drinks and processed foods. Fats, however, are absorbed by the body differently than carbs; eating foods high in healthy fat actually provide more satiation than carb-heavy foods. It has generally been disproven that eating fat makes you fat. Also, if you are dealing with unwanted weight, it might be time to address underlying fungal issues in the body by eliminating carbohydrates. Many people who go on an anti-fungal diet lose significant weight effortlessly You know what doesn’t feed yeast? Fat. 

Red Meat Is Bad For You.

Red meat has been the scapegoat of heart disease for years, but plenty of studies refute the idea that eating red meat will clog your arteries. Red meats like beef and lamb are rich in protein and other nutrients and have been consumed for millennia before being demonized as disease-causing. Of course, we would all do well to skip the conventionally-raised, hormone and antibiotic-laden beef that comes from feed lots in lieu of grass-fed organic beef. Grass-fed beef is higher in nutrients and omega 3 fatty acids. 

Sugar Is Ok.

Eating foods high in sugar is the quickest way to feed and perpetuate a yeast problem in the gut. Fungi thrive on sugar, and that innocent candy bar or dessert might be doing more to detract from your health than you actually realize. Particularly if you are having any sort of health problems, it is probably best to skip anything with added sugar all together. 

Fruit is Healthy. 

Ok, so fruit is actually not inherently un-healthy, because fruits contain wide array of nutrients and fiber. Fruits also contain sugar––lots of sugar, depending on the fruit––and while the inherent fiber does prevent the insulin spike seen in sugary drinks for example, sugar still feeds yeast, which may be more of a concern than the occasional.

Maybe we can now put these Food Myths to rest!

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