To flu shot or not to flu shot? You must decide for yourself…

On my short drive home from work yesterday, I listened as two local radio show personalities were bantering. One said to the other, “you sound like you have the flu.” The other said, “yes, I got it from the flu shot that I took!” The first laughed and said, “my doctor said that is impossible, since the flu shot is made from a dead virus.” 

“So I’ve heard, but I’ve only taken this shot a few times and each time I get the flu!” “Impossible” said the other, “as a matter of fact I heard on the news that over half of people hospitalized right now with the flu DID NOT get a flu shot, so it’s their own fault!”

Some of you heard, “go get a flu shot or you’re going to end up in the hospital” which is, I believe, exactly what the national media wants you to hear. Others say, “Wait a minute. Are you telling me that almost ½ of those in the hospital with the flu right now GOT the flu shot? Does that shot work?”

Why would our trustworthy national media be promoting flu shots? Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars advertising on network TV, promoting their wares. In essence, one might conclude that media employees are beholden to syringe, needle, glove and flu vaccine makers for their paycheck.

In my humbled estimation, if only one tenth of those who received a flu shot are currently hospitalized with the flu, it speaks volumes as to our ignorance of immunity. Always engage the brain when watching the national media. Of course, they will always effectively interview experts in an effort to sell you on taking the flu shot so you can effectively prevent the flu. To me, “prevention” is a relative word. I exercise, laugh and eat foods that are known to stimulate immunity in my efforts to prevent the flu. It is however much easier to simply roll up your sleeve while someone injects flu vaccine into your body. To our national media employees and to many of our healthcare workers, this injection defines their version of “prevention.” 

That’s just my take~~



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