Sugar Habits – How to Break Them

The Kaufmann 1 diet serves a number of different purposes. Its primary purpose is twofold: to rid the body of pathogenic fungi by depriving them of their food of choice and limiting exposure to dangerous mycotoxins that contaminate certain foods. The foods that are excluded, unquestionably, are grains, sugar, corn, potatoes, mushrooms and alcohol. All of these foods are contaminated with mycotoxins (or are mycotoxins, themselves, in the case of alcohol) or could potentially feed a pathogenic fungal infection in the body.

Many people experience what is known as a Herxheimer reaction when they go on the Kaufmann 1 diet. This reaction often takes place in the first two weeks of the diet, and dieters will experience flu-like symptoms, general malaise and discomfort. Ironically, this ill feeling is usually a good sign that the diet is working. Fungi begin to starve, and the body begins to detoxify and rid itself of poisons. This mass exodus of fungi, mycotoxins and other contaminants is enough to make anybody feel a bit under the weather, but people experience this reaction to varying degrees.

There is another symptom that many dieters will experience. Many dieters will have voracious cravings for carbohydrates and especially sugar. This, too, is a sign that the diet is working.

The average American consumes 156 pounds of added sugar per year – for many people, that is their body weight in sugar! To say that many people suffer from sugar addiction is a bit of an understatement. But when you stop to read the ingredients list of the foods that makeup the majority of the American diet, it begins to make sense. Sugar is added to virtually everything you can buy in a store. It also makes sense that when this huge influx of sugar is omitted, there are going to be some physiological effects.

One of the other purposes the Kaufmann 1 diet serves is to break addictions to certain foods, notably sugar. Breaking this addiction is tough to do, and the first two weeks are usually the toughest part. The cravings can become overwhelming, but they do diminish over time. After three weeks on the Kaufmann 1 diet, you will probably find that your sweet tooth has all but disappeared. With the spikes and crashes associated with sugar consumption gone, you will probably experience greater and sustained energy.

Remember that initially, even sweeteners like raw honey – despite having some very positive health benefits – are excluded. Even honey could help fuel a fungal infection, if the infection is deeply rooted. The only sweeteners allowed on Kaufmann 1 are xylitol and stevia. While these may help you through the initial part of the diet, you may find after a few weeks that you don’t need them to get by.


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