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Thought For Food
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Thought for food needs credence. Perhaps 50 years ago, a patient of a physician I was working with was referred to me because of severe allergies. I did the allergy work-up on him and he reacted to almost everything I tested him for. A complete allergy work-up takes a few hours, so I had plenty of time to take talk to him. As it turned out, he was “going deaf” in one ear and sometimes had severe tinnitus, or dizziness in the affected ear. He called his condition D&D, for deaf and dizzy!  The doctor had diagnosed his condition as an “acoustic neuroma,” or non-cancerous tumor on one of the cranial nerves. I remember thinking, “how do these strange lumps/growths just begin growing in people’s heads?”

He began taking allergy shots and the doctor prescribed Nystatin for a yeast problem that he had. We made some dietary changes. Specifically, I asked him to stop eating all grains/sugar and stop all alcohol. Months later, although his allergies continued to plague him despite weekly allergy shots, he proudly reported to the doctor that his D&D was significantly better! Lab testing showed that the acoustic neuroma had shrunk a great deal. I was in the room when he asked the doctor if his allergy shots could help his D&D. The doctor remarked that he had never heard of that occurring but didn’t discount that from happening.

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

Zoom forward 50 years with me. Acoustic neuromas still occur, and allergies are worse than ever. These decades have taught me that antifungal drugs like Nystatin have demonstrated anti-cancer activity, so perhaps growths like acoustic neuromas might respond equally well. Also consider that I asked him to remove fungal feeding and known cancerous foods from his diet. Grains and sugars feed fungus and alcohol is intimately linked to several tumor growth diseases.

That was my introduction to my “lump” theory which begs the inevitable question as to what causes lumps inside our bodies. Through many decades I have taught, published and helped many people with lumps improve, and none of them believed that theirs improved while taking allergy shots. What then caused these strange growths and what shrunk them? Today, I firmly believe that food provides many of the answers and we get to choose what food(s) we eat! Couple that with anti-fungal supplements….well, you know the rest!

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