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The Truth About Antibiotics

The Truth about Antibiotics
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The truth about antibiotics is that even though they have saved some lives, they are not without their own set of side effects.

At a certain time, antibiotics were hailed as silver bullets against infection, and it is likely hard for us in modern times to understand just how important an invention they were––and remain. Before their invention, it was much easier to die of what we consider today to be simple, curable infections. Antibiotics have undoubtedly saved millions of lives, if not more, and humanity is certainly better off because of their invention. 

In today’s times, simply the word “antibiotic” strikes fear into the hearts of many, so much so that food purveyors sell antibiotic-free meat, poultry and dairy at a premium. Many people seek out natural alternatives to antibiotics as a first line of defense. These are definitely good things, because we have seen that there are some darker sides to their overuse and abuse. And truth be told, antibiotics, even according to many doctors, are still overprescribed today. 

The truth about antibiotics is that even though they have saved some lives, they are not without their own set of side effects. Antibiotic usage disrupts the normal flora in the gut terrain, killing many of the beneficial bacteria that live therein. This is simply what they do; antibiotics kill bacteria, even the ones that benefit us by boosting our immunity, making certain nutrients and aiding in digestion. The problem becomes that other, more virulent organisms can flourish in the wake of a round of antibiotics, like yeasts. 

The other truth about antibiotics is this: Sometimes they are necessary! Likely, most people today have had a course of antibiotics, or many, at some point in their life. Sometimes, they are absolutely necessary, and they can save your life. You should listen to your doctor. Take them as your doctor prescribes them. 

However, in order to avoid any unwanted side effects from antibiotic usage, there are some steps you should possibly take. 

Stick to The Kaufmann Anti-fungal Program during and after antibiotics.

The Kaufmann Diet is designed to starve yeasts while being a comprehensive nutritional plan. For most people, The Kaufmann Diet is perfectly safe, but you should always consult your doctor before initiating dietary change. However, the Kaufmann Diet will deprive yeasts of their favorite food source––sugar. 

Simultaneously, continue to rotate anti-fungal supplements for more fungus-killing power. These can include any number of natural anti-fungal supplements, such oregano oil, garlic, olive leaf extract and more. 

Up your probiotic intake. 

Probiotics are a beneficial supplement for maintaining gut health, but following antibiotics, it might be good to go on a loading dose of probiotics while sticking to a strict Kaufmann One Diet Regimen. This way, you can replenish the good bacteria in the gut, edging out competition from more virulent bacteria like yeasts before they have a chance to flourish. Not only will you prevent yeasts from flourishing, you will be giving your body the legion of benefits these bacteria provide. 

Take insoluble fiber.

Insoluble fiber, like psyllium hulls, is good for binding to mycotoxins in the gut and eliminating them. They also help keep you regular which may be beneficial for those whom antibiotics cause upset stomachs.

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