Antibiotics – The Scourge Of Patients?

Antibiotics The Scourge Of Patients

As if the fact that concentrations of antibiotics, up to 300 times the “safe levels” are now showing up in the rivers of some 45 countries across 6 continents globally, our gluttonous appetite for prescribing them continues to accelerate. (1)

Now comes an article from Oregon State University that shows that more than 4 out of 5 dental antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary. (2)

Candidly, I’ve been reading medical articles for many years that implore doctors to stop the “non-judicious” use of antibiotics. I don’t believe this prescription addiction is going to stop any time soon.

With all due respect to doctors and dentists, they are simply doing what medical schools taught them to do-prescribe. That education is working very well for virtually everyone from the pharmaceutical companies to these doctors and dentists themselves…but it isn’t working for once pure waterways or we, the people.

Antibiotics are fungal poisons that kill tiny bacteria in tiny doses. As doses increase so do are risks for life threatening human diseases, including cancer. I’ve long believed that there needs to be two grown ups in the exam room.  One is the prescribing doctor doing precisely what he was taught, and the other is you. Make absolutely certain that the antibiotic you were just handed was judiciously prescribed, because all infections are not bacterial.

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