Global Warming vs. Awareness

Global Warning or Awareness

A friend just forwarded me a wonderful excerpt from a newsletter he gets called  This excerpt made sense to me for the reason I’ll define in a moment. First, here is the excerpt:

“Heads up for mold and fungus!  Many of us have had higher humidity and more rain this year.  I am noticing a crow-sourcing of mushrooms that are invading the garden crowding out established plants, not to mention any new annual crop plantings.  On the same topic, foodstuff home-grown and Costco products have a mold/fungal count. Mold lays the foundation for various cancers, and if you have a mold allergy, you may notice being more symptomatic…”

Moisture causing mold to grow!  This is so logical, but unfortunately, it is no longer scientific consensus. Most scientific fungal reports I’ve read during the past few years state that global warming is the reason that doctors are now seeing more fungal symptoms and diseases. I wholeheartedly disagree.  Awareness, I believe, is the reason they are diagnosing more fungal diseases.  For many decades I’ve been a FUPO head (Fungus Until Proven Otherwise), believing that most infections are not bacterial, hence FUPO. My successful TV show of 22 consecutive years has sent many of you to your doctors requesting antifungal medications when nothing else was working (many have succeeded!) and I believe that this, combined with the Center For Disease Control’s (CDC) three year stint telling doctors to “think fungus,” has finally raised their awareness.  It is easier today to talk to your doctor about fungus than ever before.

Yes, fungi do thrive in humidity, moisture and heat, but many are “psychrophilic,” meaning they can live in -20 degrees C temperatures. Perhaps global warming is a real phenomenon, but don’t confuse global warming with simply being unaware.  

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