The Kaufmann diet at a restaurant

Kaufmann Diet at a Restaurant

Eating out while sticking to the Kaufmann diet isn’t impossible, you just have to know what to look for. You can stick to the Kaufmann diet at a restaurant!

This is usually where I start when I order, because this can eliminate 2/3 of the menu for me. When looking for meat or protein options at a restaurant, some key words to search for are “grilled, baked, or broiled”. This usually signifies that the meat won’t be breaded or coated in something undesirable, so you should be good.  If it’s not mentioned on the menu, you can ask your waiter what seasonings are used, and maybe decide if you want them taken off.  Grass fed/grass finished beef is always preferential, as well as wild caught fish and pasture raised poultry.

You know the typical Kaufmann approved veggies (broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, lettuces, etc) but you need to consider how they’re prepared.  Are they fried or in a casserole, or are they steamed or grilled? If they come in a sauce, you can sometimes ask for it on the side, but not all restaurants can accommodate that since sides are usually prepped beforehand in bulk quantities.  I usually stick to steamed broccoli, seasonal veggies or side salads (with no croutons) as my “go-to”.

Most, if not all, restaurant sauces won’t be Kaufmann approved, as they are typically thickened with flour or have added sugar. If you can, ask for no sauce, or just sauce on the side. Also ask for real butter and not margarine, if ordering that.

Read the menu carefully and don’t be afraid to ask your waiter if you have any questions or concerns; sticking to the Kaufmann diet at a restaurant is possible!

Some of my standard meals are:

    • Steak and broccoli, no sauce, butter on the side.
    • Grilled salmon and mixed veggies, no sauces
    • Salad with grilled meat, veggies, avocado (if optional), no dressing
    • Breakfast foods! -eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, sliced tomatoes, avocado, sweet potatoes, berries, omelets, skip the hash browns and toast
      • Be careful with omelets. Some places with add in pancake batter to the egg mixture to make the omelet bigger. Just ask or it should say on your menu.
    • Baked chicken with veggies
    • Baked chicken wings with dry rub or hot sauce (research which brand the restaurant uses)
    • Burger with no bun, no ketchup, sweet potato fries or side salad

Another thing I like to do is research my meal before I go.  Most places have access to their menu’s online now, so you can look up are some good options before you even get there.

Eating at a restaurant can be fun if you’re prepared. You don’t have to sacrifice socializing with friends vs staying on your path to good health. The Kaufmann diet at a restaurant is something you can do!

Kaufmann Diet Guide

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