The Fungus Link to Epilepsy

Says a medical report, “two high-fat diets, the classic ketogenic and a modified version of the Atkins can reduce and, in some cases, completely eliminate seizures in children with a common seizure disorder known as absence epilepsy, say researchers from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.


Their report, published online July 20 (2010) in the Journal of Child Neurology, shows that more than 70 percent of the patients treated with either the ketogenic or the modified Atkins diet experienced at least 50 percent fewer seizures, and many showed as high as 90-percent improvement.”

MY TAKE: With few exceptions, the Atkins diet and the Kaufmann 1 diet are aligned. Since the death of Dr Atkins, we’ve been reading more and more about the credibility of his work. I predict that his diet will be “reinvented” soon and published as a new discovery-most likely by those who opposed the diet when he was alive. Until his death, his peers openly condemned his high fat diet and made his life miserable. I knew this for a fact, because I knew Dr Atkins.

High fat equals low grain. Sugar, cereals and antibiotics expose our children to fungal poisons called mycotoxins at levels that many cannot tolerate. Add to that chemicals in immunizations, airborne fungi and childhood stresses and a recipe for seizures ensues. Certain fungal mycotoxins are neurotoxic and therefore can cause seizure like symptoms. Do we really need more drugs, or could a strong dose of common sense help most of these children? It is we parents that provide the common sense, not the healthcare system.



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