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Sugar and Diabetes

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Given that it is called “sugar diabetes,” you’d think our scientists would already know this, and yet dedicating research dollars to mundane diabetes studies continues. University of San Francisco researchers have discovered that adding one more 12 oz soda daily to your diet causes a 22% increase in the risk of developing diabetes. One more? What in the world are you drinking the first one? Why is soda even in your refrigerator? Maybe its because a licensed dietician told you it was OK.

A few months ago, I read an interesting, but chilling article in Forbes Magazine. It confirmed what I had suspected for some time. America’s largest group of nutrition experts (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, or AND) has close ties to Coca Cola, Mars, Hershey and Nestle. These companies sponsor their well-attended nutrition meetings. Worse, they offer some of their required continuing medical education (CME) classes.

Before I’d ever allow any nutritionist or dietician to give me nutritional counseling, I’d ask if they belong to AND. If they do, I’d run from them. That exercise will be significantly better for you than their advise. Here is the most frightening part: Whereas your doctor receives required continuing medical education (CME) classes from drug companies, your dietician likely receives them from candy and soda companies. Do you see a conflict here, or is it just me?

This information brought to you by non-drug, and non-sugar supported Know The Cause!

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