The Danger Lies in Observing The Effect And Believing it is The Cause!


A new article teaches us that 200 dedicated researchers have mapped out the genetic foundations of mental disorders.  Of course, to you and me, this means that these 200 brilliant researchers really do believe that mental disorders are linked to DNA.  Of the 44 new DNA tweaks they found, 30 of them have never been linked to mental disorders.

I’m sorry for the 300 million people globally who suffer from depression.   I’m sorry that hope has once again surfaced by truly wonderful and caring researchers.  I’m sorry because I know that nothing will come of this work.  Why?

We used to tell women that if their mother or grandmother had breast cancer, their risk of breast cancer was very high.  That isn’t true because we now know that DNA plays a role in only 5-10% of breast cancers.   This same illogical DNA research is now surrounding depression because good people simply want to help, but they are unable because their education was void of Mycology (the study of fungus). Depression simply isn’t a DNA problem, no matter how many DNA variants they discover!  Then what do all of these newly discovered DNA mutations in depressed patients mean?

It means that they have been exposed to fungus!  Fungus makes poisonous byproducts inside the human body.  Some of these are neurotoxic and therefore may be intimately linked to mental disorders.  Five mycotoxins are now considered “possible” or “definite” cancer-causing agents.  Most importantly 33 or more cause DNA mutations.  Doctors are not educated in diagnosing systemic fungal disorders, so depressed patients, or any patient for that matter, never hears about fungus.  Physicians see the ravages of depression (effect) and do not know why (fungi are mutating their DNA).  The patients suffer.

It is not surprising that so many studies have concluded that depressed people whose lifestyles change get better.  Grains are sugars and fungi thrive on sugar!  Many peanuts have mycotoxins in them.  Alcohol is a mycotoxin as are antibiotics! Exercise elevates serotonin hormone levels and with this comes less depression.

I hope you get this lifesaving information to anyone you know who suffers from depression or other mental disorders.  Because while there is scant little that our current healthcare system can do, there is much sufferers can do!  Hope is back and it’s not in pill form!  Please do not just stop taking antidepressants…get your doctor to assist you.

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