Should I eat it if I can’t pronounce it?


I probably get one inquiry weekly from someone wanting to know what FD&C No 3, or high fructose corn syrup or monosodium glutamate is and if it poses a danger to the people who eat it.  Candidly, I’d like to think that our FDA protects us from eating food ingredients that might injure us.  Since I don’t know if they do or not, I choose to avoid them.

That is one of the joys of eating my Kaufmann Diets!  Let me hear you say GRAPEFRUIT, or BROCCOLI or WILD CAUGHT SALMON.   If a salad is made at home, why ruin the taste and the purity by putting commercial salad dressing on it?  I still cannot believe what constitutes “healthy salad dressing.”  My snack between my dinner and bed last night was a green apple!   Notice how everything I eat is easy to pronounce?  Great nutrition comes from great foods and not from the thousands of chemicals that our foods seem to be “enhanced” with these days!  I’d refuse to eat an enhanced carrot just as I would refuse “enriched” bread!

I did not get a degree in chemistry because the thousands of food additives our government allows into our food supply doesn’t interest me any more than the thousands of chemical being allowed in my clothing!  Plus, I wasn’t smart enough!  I make every effort to avoid these chemicals.

Chemicals have found their way into every fiber of our lives.  I choose to minimize my exposure to them and you can too, should you desire!  Now, on to more important things like BLUEBERRIES, GRASS FED STEAKS, SPINACH….until next time, Doug

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