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I have no idea how I enrolled in a Mensa-type group of Facebook friends, but I did.  Their posts are WAY over my head, but in my communication with them, I’ve discovered that so many deeply rooted research papers deal with fungus without knowing it!  I’m guessing thousands of research papers underscore the importance of addressing fungal infections, and yet have no idea what fungal infections even are.  A case in point; My brilliant friend (BF) posted this 1997 research paper headline from the International Journal of Cancer:



First, BF comments on the paper: “Despite detailed knowledge about the metabolic effects and physiology of biotin, the relative amounts of this vitamin in normal colonic mucosae and in tumour tissue remains quite unknown.

The biotin content in normal and cancerous cells from the distal digestive tract was examined on 10 pairs of tissue specimens of colorectal cancer and adjacent normal mucosae using reflectance in situ hybridization (RISH).

Having observed a high biotin content in colon mucosae and a low content in colorectal-cancer cells, we then studied the transcription levels of PCCA and PCCB genes in 9 colorectal cancers and the corresponding mucosae.

In all cases, the levels of mRNA were lower in colorectal cancers than in normal mucosae, the decrease being always more marked for PCCB than for PCCA.

In normal mucosae and in adenocarcinoma cancer cells, PCCA and PCCB transcription levels were strongly related to the amount of biotin detected, but not to the number of chromosomes 13 (which carries PCCA) or 3 (which carries PCCB).”


Next, I comment on BF’s comment, because I believe that antibiotics (fungal mycotoxins) is really what this article is all about, although they didn’t even address antibiotics in the article:

“This is the way my crazy brain works; Being mycotoxins, I believe that antibiotics themselves are some of the most dangerous drugs in the world, especially given that antibiotic stewardship has failed in America. I believe our doctors are inadvertently contributing to many diseases, including cancer with their antibiotic prescriptions. Certainly, however, I will agree that antibiotics can be lifesaving when used prudently. This paper (1) concludes; “Long-term antibiotic use in early to middle adulthood was associated with increased risk of colorectal adenoma.” While this paper (2) is one of many that reference that antibiotics do induce Vitamin B7 (biotin) deficiency. IMHO, we tend to overlook a simplistic etiology of CRC by looking at the many small pieces rather than the completed puzzle.”

Research and References:

1. Journal of the National Cancer Institute:

2. LivOn Labs:


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