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The Best Foods For The Juicer

Foods For Juicer
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A juicer can be a valuable addition to your kitchen when you are on The Kaufmann Diet. Juicing fruits and vegetables is a great way to concentrate their inherent nutrition, and fresh juice can be a welcome, nutritious treat. 

There are a couple rules when using a juicer on The Kaufmann Diet:

  1. All the fruits and vegetables going into the juicer should be permitted on The Kaufmann Diet
  2. Juice should never take the place of water as your main source of hydration. 

However, in moderation, juicing is an excellent way to get abundant nutrition, and even some powerful anti-fungal nutrients. Here are some staple foods for your juicing regimen:


Apples make a great base for many juices due to their natural sweetness and juiciness. Stick to green apples while on The Kaufmann Diet; they are lower in sugar than red apples and still contain an abundance of important plant compounds. 


Carrots are a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants and yield a good amount of juice per carrot. Carrots are also rich in falcarinol, a powerful anti-fungal nutrient. 


Kale is a nutrient-packed leafy green that can add a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals to your juice.


Spinach is another leafy green that’s great for juicing, as it’s rich in iron and other essential nutrients.


Celery has a high water content and adds a refreshing, mild flavor to your juice. Celery is rich in a number of compounds that can have benefits for blood pressure. 


Cucumbers are hydrating and contribute a mild, crisp taste to your juice. Cucumbers are mostly water and provide a lot of juice. 


Beets can give your juice a rich, earthy flavor and provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Beets are rich in nutrition, including nitric oxide, which has benefits for heart health and muscle health. 


A small piece of ginger can add a zesty, spicy kick to your juice and has potential health benefits. Ginger is also loaded with anti-fungal nutrients. 


(e.g., strawberries, blueberries, raspberries): Berries are delicious and add natural sweetness and antioxidants to your juice.

Lemon and lime: 

These citrus fruits can add a refreshing tartness to your juice and provide vitamin C.


Red or green cabbage can be juiced for a unique flavor and a good dose of nutrients.


Garlic has a strong flavor, so tread lightly, but concentrating the nutrition in garlic by juicing it with other fruits and vegetables might come with some serious health benefits, along with some anti-fungal benefits. 

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