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The Benefits of Cabbage

Benefits of Cabbage
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Often, some of the simplest foods are overlooked in terms of their versatility and their nutrition. Certainly, we could include the humble cabbage in this category. Cabbage often gets overlooked in favor of other vegetables, like salad greens, and it is likely that most people do not think about cabbage a lot unless they are making cole slaw but there are many benefits of Cabbage. This is short sighted, however, because there a variety of reasons why you should regularly include cabbage in your Kaufmann Diet. 

It’s Loaded With Nutrition

Cabbage is rich in nutrients. 

First, it is packed with fiber, which is important for heart health, regularity, and helps you feel full after a meal. Fiber is nutrient many people struggle to get enough of, but for the Kaufmann Diet, cabbage can be a good source of it, along with nuts, avocados and other vegetables. 

Cabbage is also high in vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, B6, and antioxidants. This certainly puts cabbage in the same league with other vegetables like spinach and kale, yet it rarely gets mentioned as often as these two foods when it comes to nutritional content. 

It’s Easy To Cook

Cabbage is included in a wide variety of cuisines from around world and is a staple food in many cultures. Thus, you will find it in many types of ethnic dishes. It is easy very easy to prepare, and its neutral flavor means it will take on the flavors of other foods you cook with it. This means you can “hide” it in other foods you prepare for kids or people who do not enjoy vegetables. You can bake it, grill it, sauté it, steam it, blanch it––there are simply limitless ways to enjoy cabbage in addition to simply eating it raw. It is great for making “lettuce” wraps or as a substitute for tortillas or even hamburger buns. 

It’s Affordable and Available 

One of the best benefits of Cabbage is that it is extremely affordable––less than $2 per pound––and available at most grocery stores year round. Pound for pound, it is hard to find food with so much nutrition per dollar. Cabbage also lasts in the fridge for a long time, up to two weeks, meaning you can be less worried about it perishing than other fresh foods. 

Cabbage Contains Probiotics 

Cabbage is perhaps most well-known in it’s fermented forms, whether it is sauerkraut in German cuisine or kimchi in Korean cuisine. Other cultures ferment cabbage too; this is because cabbage contains naturally-occurring probiotics, making it easy to ferment. These probiotics can be good for your gut; fermented cabbage can be a good, natural food source of probiotics on The Kaufmann Diet, along with plain, unsweetened yogurt.

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