The Beginning of Some Medical Soul Cleansing



A few weeks ago, The American Heart Association (ACC/A-led Task Force on Performance Measures) suggested that patients needed to share in the responsibility their own outcomes. “Outcomes” is medical jargon for the condition of a patient at the end of their therapy or disease process. In essence, this group is recommending that patients should become more responsible for their own health. I find this refreshing because they are asking us to help them!

They are, I believe, righting a wrong. It is as though we no longer accept responsibility for our health in America. Why should we? With the “affordable care act” telling us we own a “get out of jail free” card for an earache, and an entire pharmaceutical industry, that denies a cause to any illness, being built on merely erasing symptoms (if we aren’t injured or killed in the process of swallowing them) several hours at a time, where is our need for responsibility?

Your lifestyle affects your genetic make up. The growing field of “epigenetics” gives purpose to my 6AM exercise program, my diet, my supplements and even my prayers! When I began this lifestyle change, the word “epigenetics” hadn’t been invented. Scientists are just realizing that you, and only you, can alter the genetic pool that mom and dad gave you. With my dad dying of heart disease and mom dying of cancer, I had two distinct choices; observe their lifestyles and plan visits with cardiologists and oncologists,….or change!

I opted for change and throughout the past 40 years, I have witnessed milestones! I’m 65 and on no medications! I can crawl on the floor with my 10 month old grandson….and then stand up! There are many others, each teaching me why I chose “change” before they chose to publicize that it was, after all, my responsibility.

The fault lies with me, also. You see, I need to stop blaming drug companies, doctors, and the medical hyperbole that continues to promote flu shots, cancer detection tests and statin drugs to every American. It really isn’t their fault. This is a capitalistic country and they are simply doing what they are allowed to in promoting their wares. The problem is, fear makes us believe it! Sometimes we need doctors and drugs, I understand that, but it is very refreshing to observe an admission that was made in this paper. It seems that when all the king’s horses (drugs) and all the king’s men (doctors) can’t fix your heart, then sometimes you can, if you will only change. Cardiologists are admitting that they need your help. Refreshing, indeed!





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