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Heart Disease: Dying For An Answer

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A Urology Journal (BJU International) study recently reported that people who have urinary tract infections (UTI’s) also seem to have more heart disease risk factors.

This study reminded me of a statement that Thomas Pynchon made in his book, Gravities Rainbow many years ago: if they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers! “Why in the world are my UTI patients getting heart diseases?” WRONG QUESTION! “Could the antibiotics I’m treating my UTI patients with be causing their heart diseases?” RIGHT QUESTION!

Antibiotics are used to treat UTI’s. Antibiotics are byproducts of molds and are called “mycotoxins.” To the best of my knowledge, doctors do not get one course in Mycology (the study of fungus) in medical school, therefore few know about the dangers associated with eating mycotoxins. Mycology books are filled with such dangers, including the antibiotic-mycotoxin link.

Since some mycotoxins are “cardiotoxic,” (toxic to the heart), do you think one of these researchers would consider the treatment (antibiotics) was actually more dangerous than the disease being treated? While I am not recommending that you try this, I am recommending that you know this; the herb, Uva Ursi has been used in many countries to treat UTI’s. Sometimes it works and it has never caused heart disease, to the best of my knowledge. This goes without saying in my work, but please always check with your health practitioner before self-treating any medical condition that you may have, including UTI’s.

When all you own is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail. Such is the case for urologists who treat UTI’s with drug after drug. If my patients were experiencing heart problems when I was treating them for a UTI, I would never consider anything else but the medication I was treating them with, as the cause. But then, I am not a urologist and I don’t own a hammer.

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