The Answer Was Right Under Their Noses!

Doug Kaufmann
Imagine my shock when I read the NY Daily News last week and discovered that fungus had killed 6 million! Had scientists finally come to their senses? Was Know The Cause finished?

I clicked on the article and learned that the final word, “bats” had been deleted from the web headline. It read, “FUNGUS KILLED 6 MILLION BATS.”

OK, bats have one head, two ears a nose, a mouth and face. They have alimentary, nervous, skeletal, immune and blood systems just like we humans do. Why, I ask you, is science so blind that if 6 million bats have died of exposure to fungus, have not 6 million people died after exposure to fungus?  “Blind” was an operative word, because each of the dead bats had fungus growing on its snout, and dead people don’t.  Even then, you might recall my news and views segments, wherein I questioned the idiocy of these scientists holding dead bats with fungus all over their faces, then claiming that they did not know why the bats were dying! Truly most scientists have no idea fungus can cause death – even, excuse the pun, when it’s right under their noses!

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?.


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