Surgery Corrects Diabetes?

Doug Kaufmann
I just received a note from a woman telling me that despite her gastric bypass, shecontinues to have problems with diabetes. Who would have ever put “gastric bypass” and “diabetes cure” together? Who would you guess?

  It seems that researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College reported that surgical procedures that restrict the stomach size actually improve diabetes. Yep, good old gastrointestinal bypass operations seem to be the cure for Type 2 Diabetes!

Well, it didn’t cure hers, and apparently it didn’t cure many others. The article was published 4 years ago, and we’ve never heard about it since. They really do mean well, and I’m guessing that they really do learn that without their gloves, prescription pads and scalpels, we are hopeless in our plight to enjoy good health.

The medical community has always offered me “smile fodder” and this article was no different. I’m told that Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle driven disease, but I have one disagreement with that definition. Disease does not just start by itself. I believe we must first be impregnated with fungal mycotoxins via antibiotics, alcohol, grains or inhalation. Once “seeded” in our bodies, the carb cravings begin, as these parasitic fungi begin taking control of our organs. Do you know a doctor who believes this? Will they one day all know the cause?  


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