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Surviving The Holidays On Kaufmann 1

Surviving the Holidays on Kaufmann 1
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The holidays are among the most difficult times of the year to be on a diet, because temptation seemingly lies around every corner. During the holidays, it is normalized to eat sweet treats regularly and indulge in rich foods you might not otherwise even be tempted with at any other point in the year. Between holiday parties and family gatherings, it can be tough to stay on track. 

Even the most ardent followers of The Kaufmann Diet sometimes slip up and eat something not on their diet. That is totally ok. Perfection is not the goal. Doug often refers to so-called cheat days as “challenge” days. You are not cheating; you are “challenging” the efficacy of the diet. Does the diet really make you feel better? Give you more energy? Help you think more clearly? Sometimes indulging in “forbidden” foods can remind you why you decided to change your diet to begin with. 

That said, it is still best to best to cultivate some sort of plan to survive the holidays. Particularly if you have made progress on The Kaufmann Diet, you do not want to undo all the progress you have made. Here are a few tips on surviving the holidays without wrecking your diet. 

Be The Host

The easiest way to control the food that is around for the holidays is to be the host. Yes, it means more work, but you can easily cultivate menus that align with your diet and have more control over what comes to the dinner table. 

Refer To Our Cookbooks

Our cookbooks are full of recipe ideas that can fill any table with a delicious spread of satisfying and healthy food for the holidays. Whether you are hosting or attending, try some of the recipes in our books. Included in these cookbooks are Kaufmann Diet-approved sweet treats too, so you do not have to skip out on dessert, either!

Kaufmann Diet Cookbooks

At Parties, Focus on Protein And Vegetables

No matter what party you are attending, you will likely be presented with some foods that are perfectly fine on your diet. Focus on filling your plate with these foods; even if you round out your plate with things not on your diet, you’ve only “cheated”, or rather “challenged”, a little bit. The more foods you eat that are on your diet, the less room there is for things that will wreck your diet. 

Skip The Alcohol 

Alcohol is not permitted on The Kaufmann Diet, because alcohol is itself a mycotoxin. Remember, “myco” means fungus and a “toxin” is a poison. Alcohol is made by yeast fermenting sugar (the “myco” part), and it is a toxin, because too much alcohol can kill you. Obviously, one glass of wine is not enough to kill someone, but if you can forgo alcohol altogether, it is recommended. Substitute with mineral water on ice with lemon if necessary. 

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