The Health Benefits of Walking

Health Benefits Of Walking

Exercise starts with walking!

For many people, switching to The Kaufmann Diet is more than just about eating healthier; it is a chance many take to re-orient their entire lives in a way that supports health, vitality and longevity. The Kaufmann Diet is a great place to start when doing this, because it eliminates many of the foods that science tells us detract from health. These include foods like sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed foods and many more. Instead, you are eating lots of vegetables, lean meats, eggs, some fruits, nuts and healthy fats. 

As important as diet is, however, it remains only one part of the equation. If you are going to develop a completely holistic approach to supporting health, science tells us that you must exercise. 

Our bodies are designed to move! In fact, research tells us that our sedentary lifestyle––one that requires very little movement on our part on a day to day basis––is one of the key reasons we are plagued by diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. In spite of this, many of us struggle to get into a regular exercise routine. 

Certainly, there are a few reasons behind this. Joining a gym or participating in sports can be intimidating for many who are new to exercising. Many people feel like they do not have extra time during the day to spend on exercising. Or some people may just feel like their health is too far gone to even begin. For all of these reasons not to exercise, there is one simple solution many of us do without thinking: Walking. 

Walking is something that most people can do with relative ease, and is something we’ve all done the majority of our lives. It is second nature for most of us! All you need are some decent shoes and some space. Surely, something so simple cannot be that beneficial, right? 

Science has shown us that regular walking is one of the best exercises you can do for your health. Regular walking is associated with weight loss, lower blood pressure, improved mood, stronger bones and better coordination. The amount of time per week you need to spend? Approximately 150 minutes per week is all it takes to begin reaping the benefits of this simple exercise. That is approximately half an our a day, 5 days per week.

Getting into a walking regimen is a simple way to incorporate exercise into your health protocol. For something so simple, the results can be profound. In tandem with The Kaufmann Diet, you can easily transform your health!

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