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Sugar and Your Immune System

Sugar and Immune System
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By now, everyone is aware that eating to much sugar, particularly refined sugar found in most processed foods, can be harmful. High sugar intake has been shown to be related to a number of chronic health problems, increased weight gain, and increased inflammation in the body. Increased sugar intake has even been known to increase anxiety. But among the more recent findings is that sugar can compromise your immune system. Lets explore the relationship between Sugar and your Immune System.

Your immune system, of course, is vital for defending you against any sort of pathogens, be they bacterial, viral, or even fungal. Your immune system is very much responsible for keeping you alive. 

But how does something as simple as sugar impact your immune system in a negative way?

Some suggest that increased sugar affects the way our immune cells target invading pathogens. Others point to the fact that foods high in sugar are usually nutritionally void, meaning that people with a diet high in sugar aren’t getting the optimal amount of nutrients in their diet, and ultimately their immune system suffers as a result. 

But is there a simpler explanation?

Recall all of the problems associated with high sugar intake: weight gain, anxiety, inflammation. Compromised immunity is yet one more health problem to stack onto the list. All of these things might have some link to a certain type of pathogen––yeast. And as it turns out, yeasts’ favorite source of food happens to be sugar. 

We know that people who suffer from underlying yeast problems can have problems with weight gain, anxiety, and often suffer from numerous chronic health problems. Would it be any surprise if they also suffer from decreased immunity? 

Another thing to remember is that yeasts and fungi produce certain compounds that are known to compromise immunity; some of these substances work so well at suppressing the immune system that they are used as anti-rejection medications in patients who have received organ transplants. 

So is it the sugar, or is the yeast that is being fed by the sugar? Most physicians will likely say the former. However, many people who go on an anti-fungal program, such as The Kaufmann Diet, often experience relief from many symptoms that have plagued them for years. Many lose weight with relative ease.  

Regardless of whether it is the sugar, itself, or a yeast being fueled by sugar, eliminating sugar from your diet altogether is smart move when supporting your health. The Kaufmann Diet may be a great place to start.

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