Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Home



Are You Missing Something?

Spring is the perfect time for a deep clean up and clean out of your home; with the return of warmer weather and blooming plants comes the perfect time to, open up the windows, sweep out the gathered dust and let the sunshine and breeze come through.

While cleaning out in the spring can feel invigorating, there are a few steps you should take to ensure that in addition to your body, your home is healthy, too.

Most of us want to believe that we live in a clean home, but mold, mildew and fungus can lurk in even homes that appear (and smell) clean. These molds can emit toxins and spores into the air that can cause very serious health problems. While at one time mold was assumed to cause no harm, even most mainstream medical practitioners agree that indoor mold can cause or exacerbate asthma and allergies.

There is evidence, though, that it can do much, much more harm. Part of your spring cleaning regimen should likely involve protecting your home and body against mold in all its forms.

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Checking for Leaks

Water leaks, whether they are somewhere in the roof, pipes or other structures of the house, are a good way for mold to start colonizing in parts of your home. Mold typically needs some access to moisture, and whether it is a steady leak or a one-time flood, water soaking into building materials like drywall provides ample opportunity for mold to begin colonizing.

Once that mold has begun colonizing, it can fill the air in your home with toxic byproducts and spores. As warmer and wetter conditions present in spring, have your roof and piping checked for leaks, and be sure to clean up any water or damp areas as regularly as possible.

Purge Your Refrigerator

Moldy food is no good to eat or for your budget; get rid of any spoiled food and clean your refrigerator out.

But do not just throw away any food gone bad or food not on your diet; actually clean the inside of your refrigerator. If you have had food go bad, there is always a chance mold spores are lurking in your refrigerator. Where you store your food should be as clean as possible.

Clean the Restroom!

Mold thrives in warm, damp and moist environments; often times, bathrooms or laundry rooms provide the perfect environment for mold to colonize. Keep these areas as clean and dry as possible, with plenty of access to fresh and/or moving air.

If you do discover mold, there are plenty of cleaners available that can assist in eliminating the mold; all natural cleaners, such as citrus based cleaners, are a good option, but sometimes more powerful chemicals, such as bleach, may be necessary.



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