Robotic Research

The medical journal Pediatrics has published an article that allows me to better understand the two distinctive fields of medicine and robotics. In the article, researchers state, “Genes play the biggest role in getting toddlers to sleep through the night…”

What must medical school students learn about genetics for them to believe that genes a child is born with dictates their sleep patterns or worse, that “intervention” for lack of a full night sleep seems to be best at 18 months of age? You and I know that “medical intervention” means “tests and drugs” and therein, in my opinion, lays the robotic aspect of medical research. What happened to independent thinking and searching for “the cause?”

I believe that breastfeeding mothers must take caution to avoid mycotoxins in their medications, diets and environments. Non-breastfed infants are more vulnerable to mycotoxin exposure. Mycotoxins are fully capable of causing genetic damage. That some of these mycotoxins are neurotoxic is documented scientifically. Neurotoxicity would obviously impact sleep patterns. Genes don’t cause sleep problems. I have them and I sleep fine! Damaged genes cause sleep problems. Figure out what damaged the genes and independent behavior will begin to take precedence over robotic intervention.



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