Gluten Test is a Fungus Test

The NY Times recently ran an article called GLUTEN FREE, WHETHER YOU NEED IT OR NOT.  A doubting physician stated that the test done to diagnose “Gluten intolerance” is a serum test that shows antibodies to gluten in the blood stream.  He also states that this is not diagnostic at all, and he is 100% correct.  All it shows, as a matter of fact, is gut permeability.

Electron microscopy shows that yeast mycelium are capable of penetrating the gut lumen and contributing to gut leakage.  The end result of such an occurrence is the passage of antigenic-ally intact macromolecules, including but not limited to gluten.  The presence of gluten antibodies in a blood serum test, therefore are more apt to prove yeast induced gut permeability than gluten sensitivity.


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