QUESTION: What Causes Cancer?



A. Bad luck, according to John’s Hopkins University researchers. They followed that neither family history nor environment was the cause of cancer. How absolutely elementary, but when medical schools continue to rob their students of mycology training (fungus and their cancer causing byproducts), such statements are to be expected. Do not let grade school statements stop you from learning more about the causes of cancer.

The twisted irony of this paper is what John’s Hopkins researchers published about cancers 60 years ago. A Hopkins dermatology medical textbook published in 1957 stated that skin fungal conditions could not be differentiated from cancer! If skin fungus was misdiagnosed as “cancer” when this book was written in 1957, why does this same university now call “cancer” the luck of the draw? Indeed, here are excerpts taken from a John’s Hopkins medical book called Clinical and Immunological Aspects of Fungous Diseases?

Page 11 states that lung cancer, or Pulmonary Coccidioidomycosis is “suggestive of metastatic malignancy.”

Page 115 states that a skin fungus condition, called localized cutaneous Blastomycosis, is “frequently mistaken for squamous cell carcinoma.”

Page 153 states that a bloodstream fungal infection called disseminated Histoplasmosis is “found to coexist with Leukemia, lymphosarcoma, sacroidosis and Hodgkin’s disease much more frequently than is statistically justifiable based on coincidence.”

Page 175 states that another blood stream fungal condition called disseminated Cryptococcosis “closely simulates neoplasm.”

Is cancer really caused by “bad luck”, or is it caused by poisonous fungal byproducts, that mimic cancer?


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