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Pseudo-obstruction, a rare disorder caused by fungus-REALLY?

Pseudo Obstruction
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Pseudo means false or fake. When scientists can’t use their eyes to see or their hands to feel an obstruction, it simply doesn’t exist. It is called a fake obstruction. Can you imagine if our plumbers did the same thing?  “Your drain will never work again because it has a fake obstruction!”  Yet, in medicine such an explanation is normal.  This Science Daily article references a 6-year-old boy, who benefitted when one doctor became inquisitive as to what was causing his bowel obstruction.  Some testing was done and made an unexpected discovery. FUNGUS! After he realizes that this “pseudo obstruction” wasn’t “pseudo,” he then almost scolds his colleagues who caused the “pseudo obstruction” with their prescription pads. Indeed, like all diagnosis with the word “pseudo” in them, there is always a cause, but procedures and medications like antibiotics, do a great job of masking the cause.

While I’m thrilled that this young child found relief, I know it is short-term relief. The drugs and surgeries that they believe saved this boy’s life will continue. Never will a doctor consider that this rare fungus they found obstructing his bowels was likely present when they first saw him a few years before.

Yeast makes bread rise and it can cause obstructions, as we see in this case.  Because it is a catalyst and does not act alone in the swelling process, it is rarely identified in those with yeast-induced bowel blockages, or arterial blockages, to name a few. Rather, when the reason for the obstruction cannot be seen with eyes, or felt with hands, it is called a fake blockage. Obviously, it is not, but these diagnoses are not rare.

Articles like this sometimes brings tears to my eyes. Doctors are loving and caring individuals who became doctors to help people. They are trained to observe an effect and believe that it is the cause. One day, long after I am gone, such “education” will be questioned.

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