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Biblical Yeast

Biblical Yeast
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As the years go by, I realize more and more that I was chosen to study yeast, publish my studies to both health professionals and to the lay public and to continue my research the rest of my life. Fifty-one years ago, now I came home from Vietnam, where I was assigned to a Marine Corps Division as a US. Navy Hospital Corpsman. I came home with some strange problems that even my roommates and employers were unaware of. As I tried to unravel the complexities of my strange conditions, I now realize that this misery was simply the beginning of an incredible 50 years of study. Who inspired my career? Truthfully, I didn’t know at the beginning of it, but more and more I now realize that I was chosen for this job. The pay wasn’t what I expected, the days of learning/teaching sometimes lasted 12+ hours, retirement at age 65 certainly wasn’t to be and I would become so controversial that some equally controversial organizations listed me as a “quack.” Why would anyone do this job? Because it was God inspired!

I work in a remote area of medicine called “Mycology.”  Early in this career, I studied food allergy/hypersensitivity and was making a great living at it.  But one day a paper came across my desk that led me to disbelieve in this field, so I exited it.  Mind you, food allergy/hypersensitivity exists as long as gut-permeability exists. Gut permeability exists thanks to … fungus! Mycology is the study of fungus. The more I studied mycology, the more I knew that it was fungus that was the cause of most human misery.  Mildew is a form of fungus.  Yeast, used to leaven, are single celled fungi. I began to study mildew, yeast and leavening as they might relate to my own health problems. Sure enough, they responded positively and quickly to an “anti-fungal” program that I developed and have helped so many people with today. Before the Internet, it was difficult to study Mycology. Today, however, many references revert to The Bible, as this amazing book lists 31 derogatory references to what I learned was at the root of my own personal health problems. I was divinely reacquainted with my dusty old Bible and the answers have flowed since.

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

As it turns out, a few thousand years ago, yeast was analogous to sin in our lives, hence the command to remove leavening from bread, mildew from homes and disallow ourselves from becoming like the “yeast of the Pharisees.”

This same Bible does not even use the words that our current medical books are filled with, like bacteria and/or virus. Both are Bible delete.

I would be introduced to several prominent physicians, who, through the years would welcome me into their practices after they learned that I was somehow able to help their most difficult patients. How? The exact anti-yeast/fungal protocol that I had developed for myself was clearing up symptoms and diseases that had mysterious lineages and unknown causes. Could most health problems be caused by fungus? I believe so, but God only knows.

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