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The Fungus Link Vol 3 – Audiobook

Audio CD version of Doug Kaufmann’s The Fungus Link Vol 3. Limited supplies.

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Carrying the momentum from Volumes 1 and 2, The Fungus Link, Volume 3 enters new territory, while continuing to promote the idea that microscopic fungi and fungal toxins in our food, air and even our medicines are more than capable of causing any number of symptoms––perhaps even the ones you are dealing with!

Did you know that fungus and its poisons may be the root of:

    • Eczema and skin cancer?
    • Postpartum depression?
    • Issues related to starting a family?
    • Weakened immune systems?
    • Kidney stones and bladder disease?
    • Weight problems?
    • Inflammation?

When you listen to The Fungus Link, Volume 3, you’ll be armed with solid scientific evidence that these issues––and many more––have fungal components. You’ll also learn what you and your doctor can do about it. As always, Doug Kaufmann’s popular Kaufmann 1 Diet and anti-fungal program are discussed in detail, along with popular supplements and The Fungal Quotient at-home questionnaire. And, don’t miss out on a sample of incredible Kaufmann 1 Diet recipes!

The Fungus Link Vol 3: Table of contents:

Chapter 1 Intro, Eczema and Skin Cancer
Chapter 2 Postpartum Depression
Chapter 3 Sick Building Syndrome
Chapter 4 Problems Starting a Family
Chapter 5 Weakened Immune System
Chapter 6 Bladder Disease
Chapter 7 Weight Problems
Chapter 8 Disease and Inflammation
Chapter 9-10 The Program


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