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The Fungus Link Vol 1 – Audiobook

Audio CD version of Doug Kaufmann’s The Fungus Link Vol 1. Limited supplies.

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Learn why so many people have failed to achieve the health goals they’ve worked so hard for, all because they knew nothing of the Fungus Link to their symptoms. Pain, heart health, allergies, digestive disorders, mental health, women’s health and respiratory challenges are all covered in The Fungus Link Vol 1 Audiobook.

PLUS, Doug Kaufmann’s popular Kaufmann 1 Diet is discussed in detail, along with popular supplements, recipes, The Fungal Quotient at-home questionnaire, and frequently asked questions.

This may be the most important health audiobook you never knew you always needed!

The Fungus Link Vol. 1 audiobook Table of contents:

Chapter 1 Fungi and Your Health
Chapter 2 Fungi and Arthritis
Chapter 3 Fung and Digestion
Chapter 4 Fungi and Respiration
Chapter 5 Fungi and Mental Health
Chapter 6 Fungi and Skin Disorders
Chapter 7 Fungi and Heart Health
Chapter 8 Fungi and Allergies
Chapter 9 Fungi and Women’s Health
Chapter 10 Fungi and Pain
Chapter 11 The Program