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The Fungus Link Vol 2 – Audiobook

Audio CD version of Doug Kaufmann’s The Fungus Link Vol 2. Limited supplies.

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By popular demand, The Fungus Link Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off, shedding even more light on why fungus and its poisons may be intimately linked to your symptoms. In Volume 2 of the Fungus Link series, you will learn about a little known reason why over-use of antibiotics may be so dangerous and how to address your symptoms with diet, exercise, and supplements. You’ll also learn how to talk with your doctor about prescription anti-fungals and the differences between organic and conventional foods.

Volume 2 is separated into sections dealing with:

    • Hormone problems
    • Mental dysfunction
    • Ear, nose and throat illnesses
    • Eye diseases
    • Problems infants and children experience
    • Men’s health issues
    • Cancer
    • Autoimmune Disease
    • Weight problems
    • Hair loss and skin disease

PLUS, Doug Kaufmann’s popular Kaufmann 1 Diet and anti-fungal program are discussed in detail, along with popular supplements and The Fungal Quotient at-home questionnaire. Get ready to try sumptuous Kaufmann 1 recipes, such as Chicken Stroganoff, Mexican Fish, and even Kaufmann’s Favorite Meal. Don’t miss this book for yourself, and for everyone you love.

The Fungus Link Vol 2 Table of contents:

Chapter 1 Intro and Hormone Problems
Chapter 2 Mental Dysfunction
Chapter 3 Ear Nose and Throat Illnesses
Chapter 4 Eye Diseases
Chapter 5 Problems Infants and Children Experience
Chapter 6 Men’s Health
Chapter 7 Cancer
Chapter 8 Autoimmune Disease
Chapter 9 Weight Problems
Chapter 10 Hair Loss and Skin Disorders
Chapter 11 Pathogenic Fungi-More Than Just the Yeasts
Chapter 12 Why You Should Avoid Antibiotics
Chapter 13 Natural Antifungals
Chapter 14 Prescription Antifungals
Chapter 15 Organic Vs Non-Organic Food
Chapter 16 Fighting Fungi with Exercise and Supplements
Chapter 17 The Kaufmann Antifungal Program


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