Nutrition Over Prescription



If you walk into a doctor’s office with a complaint, there is a good chance you are going to walk out with a prescription. This is simply because, the prescription pad is your doctor’s primary tool to fight against your health problems. For better or worse, drugs are the first line of defense for mainstream medical practitioners.

This is not to say that pharmaceutical drugs do not have their place. No doubt, they have saved millions (if not, billions) of lives, eased much pain and suffering and assisted in advancing humanity. While this is undoubtedly the good side, there does exist a darker side. Prescription drugs are still one of the top killers of American patients, even when taken precisely as the doctor ordered! The benefits do not come without the most serious of risks.

Likely less commonly advised in a doctor’s office are tips on what you can do with your diet to promote your own good health. This is not necessarily your doctor’s fault. He or she learns very little about nutrition in medical school; it’s not called “nutrition school” for a reason, after all. As a result, doctors may be less aware of the emerging science that says, yes, diet does play a profound role in the health you experience. Study after study affirms the efficacy of proper diet in slowing or stopping the disease process. Simply by eating correctly, it is known that one can prevent heart disease, diabetes and many types of cancer.

Regardless, many of us opt to run to the doctor as soon as anything goes wrong rather than examine what we, ourselves, could be doing wrong or what we could ostensibly change with relative ease that would prevent the need for many visits to the doctor’s office.

What if this paradigm changed? What if, instead of relying on prescriptions to ease whatever symptoms you may be experiencing, you decided instead to change your diet? Instead of eating the standard American diet––rich in grains, sugar, trans-fats, corn, processed foods and all the chemical additives inherent in such a diet––you switched to eating real, nutritive food? What if, instead of the breads, pasta, chips and other carb-laden fare, you switched to vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats? What if you tried the Kaufmann 1 Diet for 4-6 weeks––how do you think you might feel? Furthermore, what do you think would happen to your symptoms?

These are questions many people have asked before switching to the Kaufmann 1 Diet; after following the program for a month, many find relief from health problems that have plagued them for years. Nutrition is not the quick-fix, “silver bullet” pharmaceutical drugs can claim to be, but this does not diminish it’s slow, steady transformative power to assist in healing the human body. When you give your body the right stuff, you may be blown away at it’s ability to heal itself.


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