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Not All Fats Are Healthy

Not All Fats Are Healthy
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We all know that foods like olive oil, salmon, and walnuts are rich in healthy fats that do more to protect heart health than prevent it. Even though for years these types of foods were discouraged by doctors––the fear being that eating high-fat foods both made people gain weight and clogged our arteries––we now know that excluding these foods in our diet does more to detract from our health in a variety of ways than it does to protect us from heart disease.

The irony is, the foods we were told to eat in lieu of healthy, naturally high-fat foods like avocados and nuts, have been the very ones implicated in heart disease in recent years. Foods like refined vegetable oils, shortening, butter substitutes like margarine, and anything with trans fats have been implicated far more strongly in cases of heart disease than foods like olive oil, salmon, or even butter. 

So, which fats should we avoid? This is an easy guide which will help you make healthy choices about which fats and oils to avoid consuming on The Kaufmann Diet.

Avoid Trans Fats

Anything with trans-fats should automatically be off the table while you are eating on The Kaufmann Diet. Trans fats, are hydrogenated vegetable oils that are created through industrial processing. These fats are very inexpensive and have an incredibly long shelf life, which is why they are found in so many processed foods. Often, restaurants use this type of oil to fry foods, because it is cheap and must be changed less frequently. Other types of trans fats are foods like shortening or margarine. On the Kaufmann Diet, you should avoid these types of fats. 

Corn Oil and Peanut Oil

Both corn and peanuts are two foods that eliminated on The Kaufmann Diet, because these foods are known to be commonly infested with molds that can leave behind virulent mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are dangerous poisons that can cause harm inside the body, and these two foods, or anything made with or derived from them, should be eliminated from your diet. 

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is typically highly refined. Vegetable oil is good at withstanding heat––it has a high smoke point––but there are simply so many better, healthier options. 

Reading Labels

Often times, these types of foods are going to be found in processed, pre-packaged foods. On the Kaufmann Diet, you are already going to be eliminating most of these types of foods anyway, but this underscores the importance of reading labels and knowing what is in the food you are eating. 

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