Not a Morning Person? Me Neither.

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I have a confession; I am not a morning person. I can’t remember a time in my life that I was a morning person, and after 23 years on planet earth………………. 

I don’t anticipate that changing anytime soon. As a result, for a long time breakfast was a memory of living at home with Mom, who got up early enough to cook and wake my brother and I up in time for a meal before school (not an easy task on her part…).

Most people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’ve heard conflicting theories on this, but I’ll tell you why it is important to me. If I don’t eat breakfast (especially while following Kaufmann 1), I’m ravenous at lunch. I’m hungry enough to eat the first thing I see, which is usually something that blows my diet.

To resolve this, I’ve come up with a breakfast plan that works for me. It is quick, so I don’t have to wake up too much earlier. It is filling, so I’m not starving at lunch. And most importantly, it is Kaufmann 1 friendly! This is what I eat every morning:

1 Scoop of Jay Robb Egg White Protein (sweetened with Stevia, no antibiotics/hormones in the eggs)
1 Scoop of All-One
A scoop of frozen, wild-picked, organic blue berries and raspberries
Half a can of unsweetened coconut juice, pulp included
A spoonful of Almond Butter (You can replace this with half an avocado)

Blend till liquified, enjoy!

This is a great combination of protein (almond butter, protein powder), good fat (almond butter), vitamins (All-One), electrolytes (coconut juice), and anti-fungal nutrients (All-One, coconut juice, berries).  If you replace the almond butter with avocado, it gives the shake a creamier texture, a great flavor and still has the good mono-unsaturated fat in it.

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