End the War on Fat

These are not Doug’s words (well, they have been for years) or even mine, but this article on Slate Magazine’s. It seems the experts are finally coming around on the notion that fat isn’t really responsible for all the heart disease in America. 

They instead are placing blame on the processed carbohydrates that Americans have replaced fats with, purportedly because of their high glycemic index. 

There has been a slow awakening over the past few years within the medical community concerning the importance of “good” fats such as the ones found in nuts, olive oil, avocado, salmon and other fatty fish. These fats, even according to mainstream medical practitioners, do anything but cause heart disease; they can actually help prevent it! So much for the fat makes us fat, clogs our arteries and is bad for us meme.

They fail to mention (or even acknowledge) the fact that those high glycemic foods now responsible for our cardiovascular ills are more than likely loaded with mycotoxins and will feed any underlying fungal condition. Anytime you hear high glycemic index, immediately think high sugar. Sugar is what spikes insulin levels  in your blood and the glycemic index is a measuring tool for how high certain foods spike that insulin. Obviously, foods made with sugar, grains and corn (which are high carb and immediately convert to sugar during digestion) have a very high glycemic index – they are the very foods outlawed on the Kaufmann 1 diet because they feed fungi. Ironically, they are the ones encouraged by our revered food pyramid. 

Confusion abounds when it comes to conventional wisdom about health – their own studies are proving them wrong! 
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