My New Morning Companion – Unsweetened Coconut Juice

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Coconut juice, or coconut water, comes from young coconuts. It is slightly sweet, slightly salty, has a consistency that is a little thicker than water and is mostly clear. I just recently started drinking a can of it every morning; I pour half into my smoothie, take my All-One with a splash of it and drink the rest on the way to work. I can’t get enough of it! 

Coconut juice is loaded with minerals. It comes packed with calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Per serving, you are better off getting potassium from coconut juice than a banana, and it comes with way less starchy sugar. The above mentioned minerals can become electrolytes when mixed in liquid solutions – electrolytes are critical for properly functioning muscles, which is why they are included in so many sports drinks. Coconut juice is a far more dense source of electrolytes than the sugary, made-in-the-lab sports drinks, which makes it excellent for athletes.

A couple weeks ago, I was getting a twitch in both of my hands, but especially in the first three fingers on my left hand. It was completely involuntary, and while it wasn’t painful (it tickled more than anything) my fingers would seize up uncontrollably for two or three seconds at a time. I thought I might be lacking in some of those important minerals, which is what prompted the daily coconut juice. Since that time, my twitchy hands have completely relaxed – I haven’t noticed it since!

A lot of coconut juice comes with pulp included, which means it has caprylic acid in it as well, which happens to be one of Doug’s favorite anti-fungals. It is great for Kaufmann 1 dieting. Try it out!

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